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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Custom Story book I completed for "Happily Ever After Me"

I worked for two Adoption storybook for "HAEM" and enjoyed working on them.
And love to share with you all some of the Illustrations.

Testimonial from - Christy P  Nathaniel's book
“Received Nathaniel’s book last night and absolutely love it! I took a long while to sit and look through every page and the detail of the illustrations. Thank you Stacey and Joyee for bringing the story to life. I really appreciate the time you put into the details too – his blanket from placement, his foster mom in the last page, Rosco! It’s such a treasure. This will help us tremendously to tell Nathaniel how God brought him to our home through so much love, and to honor the gift of his birthmom. Thank you!”

Testimonial from --Heath F  Custom Story Book"Kasturi"
"We were very pleased that she immediately understood the book was about her life and took such great interest in hearing her story. Our daughter loves the book and asks for it virtually every night before going to bed.”