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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Illustration Friday: Survival

Girl Power Series !

Hello everyone!

 I've been having a great week, how about you? I've had some fun things going on lately: the latest book I illustrated, Written by Talented Erainna Winnett, is officially released. I illustrated four lovely stories for her books and it was a wonderful experience.
This Full color story includes engaging activities and thought-provoking questions designed to foster self -awareness and self confidence.
Frenemy Jungle addresses the topic of relational aggression among pre-teen girls.
Cyber Friend takes the cyberbullying issues.
It's Good To Be Me is about self confidence.
And Friendship Tug of War helps children learn about healthy boundaries in friendship and strategies for handling disagreements.

Here's the cover images :

I love the trailers the Author has put together for the books. So Exciting! Take a look!

To see all of Erainna's books, please visit