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Monday, 21 January 2013

Illustration Friday :Myth

This is another version  practicing with my new wacom pen tablet and I must say I am loving it more!!!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Illustration Friday: Ocean

Life is just too short not to enjoy it!
This time couldnt manage to do a fresh piece for Illustration Friday for "Ocean" as it was a busy hectic week with Ajanta Ellora trip and celebrating my Little daughter's seventh birthday and my birthday this monday as well!!! Not only have I now passed the halfway point of my thirties, but it’s a brand new year,I’ve been sitting here thinking of all the things I thought I would be doing in 2013 that I will not actually be doing.

Instead, I decided ...celebrate the small things, count your blessings, stay positive and do something outrageous for yourself! Last year was really tough on personal front with Dad not well from long time and he is still under lots of medications but I understand this is way of life with sad happy moments together !

we are responsible for our own happiness. It’s our own responsibility to make sure that our life is worth living. It’s our responsibility to take care of our happiness.
But being happy doesn’t come from the things we achieve or how far we’ve come.
It comes from being present and enjoying the journey.

Well excited about this year 2013 a new wacom intuos5 pen tablet from hubby as a birthday gift! ...Lots of creations on the way...!!!! Stay tuned!!

Enjoy my Ocean submission from a piece I did sometime back "Fisherman and his wife" for Edcons.

Thank you for your time!!!
Appreciate your visit and comment.
Good wishes to you all!!!   :-)